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v0.0801 released

Aug 4, 2007 / pixtur
Aug 4, 2007 / pixtur

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This release fixes some major problems of v0.08. Read more at:


guest:How to make update to new version???

11 years ago -

Please write a docu how to approach the update? Which files must be changed?




11 years ago -

Love the software.

If I wanted to contribute monetary value instead of programming help (since I can't program)... where do I do so?

And definitely bump for the above comment regarding updating documentations!

pixtur:regarding upgrading, donations and upcoming version

11 years ago

Thanks for the feedback!

Updating / Upgradingπ

Updating should be straight forward. I reviewed the documentation and moved it to Upgrading.


If you want to donate, I would be very glad. Right now I only work on streber in my spare time (which has been rare recently). As far as I can remember you can donate at sourceforge. Although I will not promise anything donations might speed up development :)

Updates aheadπ

Since I have holidays I can play around a little bit with streber again. I already fixed some annoying bugs and made some progress on the feature. Since I am using some decent jquery plugins I need to update the jquery version as well. This leads to a whole rat tail. Good start for cleaning up the js stuff :) I am still looking for a jquery driven context menu, though...

I also plan to do some screencasts for the new features. Although me English is horrible, it might still be easier, than writing a lot of documentation.


11 years ago

Many thanks for your great job!

As for screencasts: we use this tool http://www.debugmode.com/wink/ for making documentation (easy to make flash video and PDF file).
May be this will be usefull for you.

pixtur:thanks for the comment

11 years ago

Until recently I used a trail of Camtasia which works excellent. Sadly it is going to end in a few days :( The wink software looks great too. I will check it out.

webbplatsen:It just keep on going...

11 years ago

Great to see you continue develop Streber.
Question everybody now want answer for is when gantt charts will be implemented. IT WAS A JOKE!


guest:Error found

11 years ago -

Pixtur, I found a lost "echo "%% strip slashes";" on line 97 of common.inc.php in std directory, and it was messing everything up, "blocking headers and such.
Commenting the line solved it.

also a "tucano" theme seems to be default all of a sudden.

guest:all ok?

11 years ago -


I was just about to update when I saw the error comment above. Is this something serious, or just a installation related error?

Thanks for the continued efforts on the fantastic s/w!

guest:bug repost opened

11 years ago -

I opened bug report for the issu i found above.

but a simple removal of the mentioned line solves the problem.
Limited to magic quote config, it's in an IF loop


11 years ago -

<p>This is some <strong>sample text</strong>. You are using <a href="http://www.fckeditor.net/">FCKeditor</a>.</p>

psychopath_mind:some things...

11 years ago

guest:LUV PM

11 years ago -

I love streberPM!

Please keep up your good work, this app ROCKZ so hard! (used mantis before)

guest:Awesome work

11 years ago -

Streber is great, we are using it with our small game development studio and love it. It would be great if email notifications worked more like Mantis, where people assigned tasks/bugs could be notified upon the status of the task/bug changing.

guest:More than Awesome

11 years ago -

That's funny, I also use it for my small development team for our game. We used to use ActiveCollab before it went all commercial. No one really liked AC. It had no documentation support, horrible interface, and was very confusing overall. No one could use it properly, and it was an overall very painful experience.

Then I found StreberPM, and was very skeptical because I was really hoping to use Trac, but our server didn't have Python support, and when I finally got Trac installed it killed every .htaccess file in every subdomain, so then it stopped working as well. I got fed up and tried Streber, fully expecting to spend another three days with Trac.

Streber wasn't all that bad. It had a more integrated Wiki, which was very nice, and because of that it was easy to link between items in the project. It had zero source control, but no one knows how to compile anything anyways, so I guess that's not a big deal... The wikisyntax for links, particularly the external ones, is a pain, but it's a small price to pay!

Keep up the good work!


11 years ago

Dear Streber Users,

I have a question a few weeks ago I installed Streber on my server in a test folder. Just for testing.. But now I want to move the installation to another folder. I found out that all the images I uploaded before are now red crosses (they could not be found) I looked in the database but i can't find the base url for streber. Does anyone know where this is stored?

I hope someone can help me!

Thanks in advance!


guest:New Comment

11 years ago - visible as suggested -


guest:Files Upload

11 years ago -

I just recently upgraded to the lastest release and found out that the file downloading throught the web interface are currupt but when i download them directly off the server it works fine, any ideas ?

guest:Any news since April 2007?

11 years ago - visible as suggested -

We are looking for new release of streber-pm. We use it in our development process and really love it.

guest:always active ?

11 years ago -

Hello, is the development always active ?
no news from more than 6 month... why ?