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Aug 1, 2007
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Aug 1, 2007 / guest
Aug 4, 2007 / smocanu

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Streber lacka wikipedia entry. Nice entry with link back to Streber-pm.org would help drive some traffic to this site and get more people interested in this project.

Note that most people find streber via google. Google rankings increase if some prominent site links to you. Wikipedia is hard to beat in this regard.


pixtur:good idea?

11 years ago

I once heard, that it is probably not a good idea, to add your own entry to wikipedia.

smocanu:Reply to good idea?

11 years ago

If you can create a text that does not replicate but rather cover more keywords from your site, a wikipedia entry can be good. Also - if you create links to the Streber information page from other sections of Wikipedia (such as Project Management or Task Management u.s.w.), you might have more traffic from Wikipedia itself.

However, Wikipedia won't help you in search engine rankings because of the nofollow tag and it will even harm you if you simply copy & paste some text from your site to the wikipedia page of Streber.