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Postfix command versus sendmail root access


Jul 3, 2007
Jul 3, 2007 / doud
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Hi all

Not sure if it is a bug yet ...

I have been struggling with postfix on a linux server.
Now I think I have something of interest here.

Is the value of sendmail_path modified in the config pages of streber ?
This value is normally set in php.ini to /usr/sbin/sendmail, however it seems that streber is using the command "postfix" that is reserved to root.

I have a very good documentation here on how to set up mailing using postfix, it is in French but I can translate it, no problems
Maybe it could be good if you can let me know where this postfix command is defined in Streber, and I can put together a quick howto for Linux users

Thanks and Regards

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