Select if Next Milestone is selected based on date or name


Jun 20, 2007
Jun 20, 2007 / oyvind.kinsey
Sep 4, 2009 / guest

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One should be able to choose weather the getNextMilstone function sorts on name or planned_end.
Either globally or per project.



9 years ago -

I encounted the same problem. In case I have a several milestones planned for the same project, when choose project->tasks->for milestone, streber defaults to display tasks in milestone with the smallest milestone name, this is however undesirable.

In my case, there would always be a "current" milestone and some closed prvious milestones and some future ones.

It would be preferrable to have the current one displayed.

Suggested solution:
  • like task creater mentioned, could use planned_end.
  • future milestones could be set to "blocked" status and in the getNextMilestone, just filter out those blocked ones.
  • add a new field "current" in tasks table
  • I see there is an "Order Id" entry in milestone property, maybe this could be used for ordering purpose?