Jun 8, 2007
Jun 8, 2007 / xl
Aug 5, 2009 / rafael.dalpra

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I noticed that i use streber quite often like this:
  • create a task
  • when it comes down to splitting it into subtasks i just write a list into the task description
  • as i finish the subtasks i just delete them from the description
What i suggest is that one can just mark the subtask as done, and it is displayed strikethrough.

Step 2 might be an action "convert minitasks to subtasks" (which would save a lot of clicking when creating tasks).

(One can argue now if this should be done with context menu or by clicking a icon; also one can argue if this should be possible only with special task lists or with any list; but this is not so important.)
(i dont think we urgently need this - but i had to write it down because it sounds so sexy...)



11 years ago -

Just add to wiki lang a new feature to add readonly checkbox, wich value will be setable in wiki text like:

[ code from="Example"]
[0] Minitask abvdefgh
[1] Minitask2 adasdasd
[0] My own task
[ /code]

[Value] Text

Value Status
1 Checked
0 Unchecked
I guess that this will solve lots of problems