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Jun 2, 2007
Jun 2, 2007 / oyvind.kinsey
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Could someone with a good knowledge of Streber and project management create some guidelines on how to efficiently use Streber for different kinds of projects?
By this I mean how to manage Milestones, where one would use a Milestoone and not Version etc.


pixtur:excellent idea

11 years ago

I know one or two things about streber, but currently I am in lack of time... :(

eh:started it - but input comes step-by-step

11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)

it's really a good idea to share experiences. therefore I started a new section in streber's documentation page and will write down what I think could be of interes to others - but will take some time... can only spend time for this every now and then.
I'll start with a "small project" since this is what I do trya manage with streber. maybe others have experience in mid- or big-size projects.

oyvind.kinsey:nice :)

11 years ago

dekamerone:we do it

10 years ago

One of our Network network enthusiasts will include the usage of Streber as Project Collaboration Tool in his University Master dissertation.
Main of the work will be published in his Project Management Blog: estimated arrival time August 08.
Just write it down here just now, to get remembered by myself when its Online.

Happy projects : Michael


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