German translation: "Bewegen" should be named "Verschieben" imho


May 25, 2007
May 25, 2007 / xl
Aug 5, 2009 / rafael.dalpra

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11 years ago

I though about this for a moment, but decided to use "Bewegen" because "Verschieben" could also mean to delay the task in time. Although "Bewegen" sounds awkward, it is more precise.

xl:You are right...

11 years ago

but there must be something better....

pixtur:Could be...

11 years ago

labeling is really hard, sometimes. It mustn't be too long either so "In Ordner verschieben" would be too long.

xl:or like this

11 years ago

Display "Verschieben" with a tooltip like "In einen anderen Ordner verschieben - zeitliches Verschieben geht anders ;-)"

Just because everyone from the file manager to my mail apps label this "verschieben"...

guest:All languages: Adress - City / Village

10 years ago -

You get row only for ZIP, forget the city / village name! - I changed it to ZIP / City or in german: PLZ /Ort