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Ctrl-Klick in firefox


May 22, 2007
Apr 15, 2012
May 22, 2007 / xl
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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firefox (linux/ubuntu)
Ctrl-Klick on Link in Task List.
Link is opened in same window.
In firefox Ctrl-Klick opens a link in a new window.



11 years ago

This is really a pain in the ass. Somehow the assigned click-handler also grabs the CTRL-Click events but removes the modifier key.

I still have no clue how to fix this.


11 years ago

...just de-assign the click handler for links. Is jquery used? I begin to like this.

tino:Not sure...

11 years ago

I'll take a look at this...

pixtur:yeah, it's jquery.

11 years ago

The code can be found in js/listFunctions.js:

The normal clicks are already de-assigned for normal links.

    * prevent normal links from being overwritten by row toggling
    $('table.list a').click
            document.location.href= this.href;
            return false

tino:It looks like this...

11 years ago

I played a bit and this is my first result

from js/listFunctions.js

    $('table.list a').click(function(e) {
        if( e.ctrlKey )
        	document.location.href = gBrowser.addTab(this.href);
        	return false;
            document.location.href= this.href;
            return false;


11 years ago

one comment to this:
i think this works for me, but not for everyone.

if i understand it right, this emulates firefox standard behabiour.
but ctrl-click in firefox is configurable (open new tab in foreground or in background).

the "real" solution might be to switch off streber click handling for links completely and let firefox do the job.

pixtur:Antwort auf solution

11 years ago

Could you elaborate a bit more on this? How can this be done...

xl:let the browser do its work

11 years ago

what i wanted to say:
we should not build a complex click handler but pass on to the browser what is to the browser. (what ctrl-click does is a matter of browser config, not of our javascript!)

i looked a bit into js/listFunctions.js.
the "trouble" code you cited in yeah, it's jquery., what is it good for anyway?
it is commented "prevent normal links from being overwritten by row toggling", but it looks like row toggling is done server side, not javascript.

so the solution woud be to just delete cited code.