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imported changes to v0.08

May 15, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Major changes since last stable version v0.07:


  • added hungarian and russion translation
  • added finish and czech translations


  • added homeselectorlist
  • splitted home into "homeDashboard" (to be implemented), "homeTasks", "homeEfforts", "homeBookmarks" and "homeAllChanges"
  • polished the look of pageHeader in clean theme
  • home dashboard lists recent changes (add gets more changes with ajax)
  • list changes now explicitly lists files
  • added: quick project selector to Project tab
  • forms splitted into tab groups

General Featuresπ

  • RSS feeds for project with HTTP authentication
  • fully compatible with php5.2
  • fixed display in IE7.0
  • Task categories to distinguish between tasks and documentation
  • Export to CSV format
  • Anonymous Browsing (for guests and search engines) ()
  • Keep track of unviewed / changed items
  • display modification history for all item types (not just tasks)
  • possibility of derive customized style sheats ()


  • add HTTP Links in Wiki Syntax
  • party fixed backslashes in wiki texts and ajax editing ,
  • added: ajax driven editing of wiki chapters (task descriptions/ own comments)
  • added strike syntax to wiki

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