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v0.08 released as stable

May 15, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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After a long time working and testing, we are finally releasing v0.08 as the new stable version.

Since v0.07, we have added a lot of exciting new features. Thanks to all developers, testers and translators who helped us!
You might also be interested in the following patches:


guest:SQL file is still missing :(

11 years ago -

People... is it that hard to make a dump of SQL structure for newer versions? create_structure_v0.0702.sql does not work with latest releases. So sad...

pixtur:Antwort auf SQL file is still missing :(

11 years ago

It should automatically upgrade from v0.0702. I tested the installation here, and it seems to be just working correctly. Could you please create a bug report with more information about your system and what went wrong?

vardyr:Potential Fix

11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)

I think he means that he's trying to use the old v0.0702.sql to upgrade, which doesn't work with, for example, v0.0796. I've described the issue and the fix here: Potential Upgrade Fix

I've seen a few posts about this on here, so I've added a link to my description of the potential fix to and also linked to at the bottom of the upgrading section of .

pixtur:Thanks for the hotfix.

11 years ago

I will release a fixed version as soon as possible.

guest:RSS feed for file releases.

11 years ago -

Please provide an RSS or ATOM feed with project news and file releases. SourceForge has RSS management and when you submit the latest releases if you updated the RSS feed that would be wonderful.


pixtur:Antwort auf RSS feed for file releases.

11 years ago

good hint. I will add some rss infos for next releases.

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11 years ago -

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11 years ago -

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