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Itemview in Task and Bug Reports


Mar 24, 2006
Mar 24, 2006 / frank
Oct 28, 2006 / guest

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#511 by frank, 139k
I think it´s a good Feature, when u make a Upload of a Image, or other, that you have a Imageview/Folderview from Every Upload in the Task/Bugreport.

(ok so ähnlich ist es ja implementiert,aber gut wäre es wenn man sowas direkt im Reprot hat, spart enorm Zeit)


pixtur:Do I get you right, that...

13 years ago

... you want an upload file feature in the taskEdit form?

frank:Antwort auf Do I get you right, that...

13 years ago

Antwort mal wieder in Deutsch...

Ich kenne es aus einigen Entwicklungen das wenn man ein Task öffnet gleichzeitig ein Kleines Itemview/Window haben möchte das schon vermittelt was zu sehen ist.

Ein kleines Vorab View Fenster würde da schon reichen!

pixtur:Antwort auf Antwort auf Do I get you right, that...

13 years ago (2. update 13 years ago)

Ah, something like a summary-tooltip of the task.

This could actually be possible. I see three possibilities for this:
  1. include additional information on all lists items (would dramatically increase page-size and loading-time).
  2. Request additional information with AJAX. This would be very nice indeed but it currently out of my capabilities. But I am working on this point.
  3. My favorit solution for this would be a completely AJAX-driving way, in that the selected item is display on the right site (without a page-refresh). Can be edited there and submitted. Again, without page-refresh. This would allow to go through all list-items without ever having to scroll down... I will do a mockup-up for this concept.


12 years ago

The tooltip feature move to