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May 9, 2007
May 9, 2007 / xl
Aug 5, 2009 / rafael.dalpra

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Many comments, especially in the Documentation section in fact are issues (bugs or feature requests).
Why not make it possible to post a bug as child of a doc page?

Use case: A user finds a part of the docs that they dont understand. He posts a bug-comment like "i dont understand the second sentence".
Now a doc maintainer can improve the doc and resolve the bug.

This seems more natural to me than working with comments (which are fine as additional info or discussion).

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pixtur:good hint...

11 years ago

We have a similar problem here. I think we need two options for this:
  1. List related pages from wiki linking (this will really be a good feature and we need it anyway).
  2. With 1. we could provide a feature like "Turn Comment into task" which would hold the original Task in some form of wiki like ala. "originally from yxz:" and the actual comment as description.


11 years ago

Of course backlinks will bring us nice and sexy benefits! (Memo to me: Fix thougts about Linking and Relationships).
Why would you have the process like 1. write a comment and 2. turn comment into task, and not have a bug-comment (that is displayed in comments) in the first place?


11 years ago

Somehow the bug comment sounds a little bit awkward to me. The whole task think (tasks becoming documentation etc.) is already confusing most users. I would rather have an Action (turning a comment into a task) than a new Type.