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Public / May 4, 2007
May 4, 2007 / pixtur
May 7, 2007 / pixtur

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Further fixes and tuning of interface. Installation recommended for users of or higher . Final Release Candidate for v0.08.


svn-revision: 320

  • added russian translation
  • splitted home into "homeDashboard" (to be implemented), "homeTasks", "homeEfforts", "homeBookmarks" and "homeAllChanges"
  • polished the look of pageHeader in clean theme
  • fixed inline edit cannot find wiki chapter if invalid table syntax
  • fixed some problems with IE7 display
  • party fixed backslashes in wiki texts and ajax editing ,
  • fixed changelist claims "attached file" even if person only added comment
  • fixed uploading of files on strato server
  • party fixed splitting of utf8 chars ()
  • fixed storing of uploaded files in project directories
  • added homeselectorlist
  • home dashboard lists recent changes (add gets more changes with ajax)
  • changed font-size settings from "%" to "pt"
  • fixed: Default rights doesn't work as expected
  • fixed item relatiionshop for deleted team members
  • hide deleted efforts
  • list changes now explicitly lists files
  • fixed composition of notification mails
  • fixed reassigning persons to teams (assigned twice?)
  • fixed Strange behaviour when re-assigning a user to a project
  • fixed issue values are not stored correctly
  • refactored project RSS-Feed:
    • now supports author
    • uses class_changeline
    • Summarizes what happened
  • fixed rendering for Dates "Today" (added time again)
  • Replaced minor title "Item-ID:123" with "# 123"
  • fixed Mail header "from" is malformed
  • install checks for readable /_rss directory
  • removed some Bookmark page functions (e.g. person)
  • "Page" renamed to "Topic"
  • polished project list in home
  • fixed error in effort description with wiki links
  • Fatal error in effortView when links exist in description
  • added item-id to change list to quicker fill out svn commit comments :)
  • Change Version(s) to Release(s) consequently
  • added support of additinal image mimetype image/x-png
  • fixed adding a new comment stated as "renamed" in History
  • fixed in changelog not the last, of multiple comments is listed
  • adjusted stylesheet to fix Labels moves after any link "on focus" event at task description
  • re add comments to milestones
  • fixed Notification email do not have task name anymore
  • fixed "add another" option from create Milestone form does not work
  • minor: removed block style functions from list Milestones
  • updated translation and some texts
  • Cleaned up most of the source code for doxygen
  • added File::renderLocation()
  • fixed undefined 'projects' warning in personView
  • added separate stylesheet for IE to fix some layoutproblems with IE 7.0

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jd:can't download

11 years ago

can't download file using the given link. are you sure you put it at the sourceforge? i can't even see the new version on the Download->Browse All Files page.

pixtur:erm yes...

11 years ago

I did some last minute changes and delayed upload because of some internal errors. Sorry. I will drop a news when it is ready for upload.