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More notification level granularity


May 2, 2007
May 2, 2007 / ramsay
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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When I get my update email from streber-pm.org, I see all the activity for the entire 'streber' project lumped into one big huge list. It would be much better if this was split up into four separate lists:
  • Tasks that are assigned to me
  • Tasks that are in my bookmarks list
  • Tasks that I had created
  • All other changes
Also, to make this more configurable, I would suggest having a "Notifications" tab in the "Edit Person" interface with the following options:
  • Notify changes to tasks I have created
  • Notify changes to tasks assigned to me
  • Notify changes to all other tasks in projects to which I belong
These 3 options, plus the existing 'bookmarking' facility for turning notifications on for specific tasks, folders, or projects would provide a very high level of notification customizability.


pixtur:but customizability is not always a good thing...

11 years ago

Nevertheless I like the idea to configure some options of "what is been sent" in PersonSettings. I do not want any more configuration. If you have a look at mail.inc.php you already see that this is waste amount of code. I do not want it to become even more complex.

I will wait til more users complain. Sorry.

guest:I'm in fact amazed that you cannot do that

11 years ago -

I'm here because I was trying to find the way to do that. If you have a considerable amount of tasks, and a considerable amount of people working in a project, that whole summary and nothing and mostly the same.

If I have to lose time trying to figure out which are the tasks that has been changed or created for me, the email doesn't have any use.

In fact I was trying to figure out how to, once I create and assign a task to somebody, send an email to that person so he knows that there is a new task for him. In general, it would be nice to have a way of sending an email to somebody regarding a single task: either when you create it and send it to the person in charge, or when the status changes and you send an email to the supervisor/project manager...

That would be really nice.


BR Iván Arias Rodríguez

pixtur:regarding notifications...

11 years ago

Two features will come for sure soon:
  1. Immediate Notifications
  2. Request feedback from (which will trigger an immediate notification even if the user has a larger feedback period).