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discussing dwins features

Apr 25, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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pixtur: Some general thoughts on new featuresπ

  • I am really reluctant with new features. I have pretty precise image, on what streber should be. If it would have 1000 features (including all of my wishlist and more), it would probably not match the image. I will always try to keep the focus on the really important stuff. As state in number 1 of : Keep it simple.

Feature 1: Which users are logged in.π

This should be shown seperately.
  • pixtur: logged in right now? Or were logged in?
It should show the following:

1). Time/Date User logged in
  • pixtur: already implemented. person->login_last
2). Time/Date User logged out
3). How long user remained online.
  • pixtur: already implemented. Enable debug logging. Parse errors.log
4). Which projects/tasks/milestones did he open and went through (This should be displayed in Logs)
  • pixtur: already implemented. Enable debug logging. Parse errors.log

Feature 2: Database Backup Optionπ

There should be a database backup optoin.
  • pixtur: Confirmed, this is really important.

Feature 3: Sorting Project/Tasks/Milestones with Ajax draggingπ

  • pixtur: Although this would be nice, it's really a lot of work. Someday maybe.

Feature 4: User/Member Evaluationπ

I think there should be a feature to add user's evaluation. How is a particular user working on the project or the task.

We should be able to select
1). The Particular Task
2). The User who is Evaluating [Most probably the team manager or project leader]
3). The User who is being Evaluated
4). Evaluation Value: [Unsatisfactory] , [Poor], [Fair], [Good], [Excellent]
5). Comments
  • pixtur: why not use wiki text for this?

Feature 5: Calender featureπ

  • pixtur: yes and no. Although everybody complains about this, I don't need this really often in everyday live. There is no way, streber could top real calendars like google.calender or Outlook. Sooner or later it will come.

Feature 6: Custom Reportsπ

I think the new Reporting feature should include the following:

*Time Report :
This report should provide a listing of the hours logged by user for each project for the previous month and should allow you the opportunity to export that information.

*Resource Usage :
This report should summarize the total time logged for projects and companies.

*Completed Task :
This report should provide a listing of the tasks completed during the previous month.

*Pending Tasks :
This report should display a listing of the pending tasks within all the projects.

*Project Phase Status :
This should shows basic overview of all active projects and their phases.

*Project Breakdown :
Project list itemizing owner, status, and users

*Person Performance Report :
This report should provide a listing of user performance and should allow you the opportunity to export that information.
  • pixtur: Since everybody has a different taste on how reports should look like, we need a generic solution for this. If I ever finish v0.08 I can start refactoring the whole db-stuff along with custom filters for querying the database. Building custom reports on the fly should be no problem then. Special features should be php code fragments or completely externalized php-plugins using the upcoming API.

Feature 7: File Download Detailsπ

Can you add the feature for file downloads.

1). Who has downloaded the files.

2). How many times have they downloaded the files.

3). When did they download the files.
  • pixtur: Maybe this can be done with the personitem table. It already has fields, if an item was viewed (and I think downloaded), how often it has been viewed and and when last time. The data is not evaluated right now, but we could easily implement a infomation page on each item which lists:
    • Who can see/edit the item
    • Who has seen it, how often and when last time
    • Who has edited it, how often and when last time

This way the administrator can keep an eye on the users, how actively they are working on the submitted files.

Feature 8: ThickBox Functionalityπ

Can you implement the following javascript function on opening the Tabs.

ThickBox is a webpage UI dialog widget written in JavaScript on top of the jQuery library. Its function is to show a single image, multiple images, inline content, iframed content, or content served through AJAX in a hybrid modal.


Check out the examples. Maybe you might be able to use it
  • pixtur: I know thickbox pretty well and already played around with it alot. But from all your suggested javascript related features, I regard this one as least important.

Feature 9: Estimated timeπ

Can you add a feature when creating a new task, we would be able to enter two new fields.

1). Estimated time = [Can be entered as Minutes, Days , Week s or Months]

2). Estimated worst case = [Can be entered as Minutes, Days , Week s or Months]

These two fields are apart from the Task Start and Deadline date.
  • pixtur: time estimation is already been implemented. Entering precise times should be done sooner or later with a jquery suggesting edit field.
This is all for now.
  • pixtur: Thanks for all the good ideas. I really appreciate this feedback, although I can not promise anything...



11 years ago

Thanks alot for going through all the features.

Ill keep an eye on streber till it gets stable.

In the meantime, ill work with dotproject and netoffice

eh:Suggesting new features

11 years ago

As soon as using streber for "real" work on a daily basis the requests for this or that new feature rises - but as you wrote here - the most important feature is streber's focus on usability and simplicity.

Me too, I bothered you with feature requests in the last few days - and it's nice to get responses and have the ability to come with new ideas. But finally I recommend you to stick with your picture of streber and -> go ahead releasing v0.8 - looks cool!


11 years ago


I think the best way would be to stay with the Simple Idea.

Keep the core simple but add the features as Modules. This was the Core will always stay simple and the members can choose which modules to add.

pixtur:Antwort auf

11 years ago

Sounds easy, but this is an extremely complex matter. The distinction between plugins and core is not so clear. And implementing a clever way of a plug system that can handle additional sql-tables and fields, adjust edit forms and layouts AND does still profit from the updates of the main trunk is beyond my current knowledge about programming. I am not Linus Torwald :)


11 years ago -

I have seen the same pattern in Dotproject