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Apr 24, 2007
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#4839 by pixtur, 18k
Just writing down what I'd like to see in the task page:
  • Assignment of several persons to a task in one step - similar to how it's done in the assignment of persons to projects.
  • Allow assignment of companies to tasks. Sounds strange at first, so let my explain:

We use streber very much for "ticket handling". There could be dozens of companies (customers) for which tickets ("tasks") will be opened. In general it's one person who gathers the tickets (support requests) and assigns them to individuals (more precisely to employees). Instead of creating a "hotline" project for every customer we decided to create one "Hotline" project related to our internal company record and filing all tasks in this project. This makes it much easier to keep an overview and also relieves us from assigning the employees to the many "Hotline" projects there would be if created on a per customer basis. But for reporting issues we need to know which customer(s) initiated the support request.

Finally I'd like to know whether this feature makes sense to be implemented in the streber code base or whether I would have to code such an extension on my own.

Thanks for replies!

PS: have a rough scetch of the "customized" task page but can't see how to attach the image to this task.


pixtur:some comments...

11 years ago

Due to the latest upgrade, uploading is disabled right now (I hope to reable it later today). Please try to upload your sketch tomorrow.

Assigning multiple persons at once is a very reasonable feature. I want to do it like the suggested "requesting feedback for a comment". This should be fun with jquery.

Regarding to tasks on companies. Did you already find burger's wunderful feature of Note on person? It is a page function for a person.

Please note, that there are no Tasks without Project. If there is no project, it means creating a project on the fly. The "note on person" function illustrates this nicely.

I hope this helps.
sorry for the broken upload.

pixtur:just tried the file upload.

11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)

It should work now. Use the upload form on the right side of each Tasks or Topic.

eh:The bitmap's there - upload works fine!

11 years ago

pixtur:Antwort auf The bitmap's there - upload works fine!

11 years ago

Thank you for your mockup.

Although it is very illustrative, I do not see how such a solution would help us. If you create a new task, right now you have to created it for a project. Selecting a company still not helps, because we need a project to assign the task to. Not a company.

Or did I got something wrong?

Please not that BMP is not the optimal image format for discussing, because it consume waste amount of server space and can not be displayed by most browsers. Pease use jpg, gif or png next time.

eh:Try to clarify

11 years ago

It's best to explain step-by-step:
  • We have a company that serves support requests for a product used by different customers.
  • There's one person answering phone calls from the customers. This person also writes a new task/bug in streber if she cannot give a solution on the pone. The new task is assigned to one or more internals.
The situation now is like this:
  • There is ONE project, let's say called "Support Requests 2007 for Prod X". This project belongs to the company that provides support.
  • In this project all support requests for Prod X are collected for one year.
  • Now it would be useful to see which company the request stems from - therefore the company should be assignable to the task too.
I.e. owner of the project is the firm providing support - but it would be nice to see to which customer each request is related.

The term "project" in this case is misleading, but I don't see any other entity provided by streber that could be used for this.

Another approach could be to create a project "Support requests for Prod X" for every company using the product. But this way the work gets more complicated for the person on the phone recording the requests. Also the overview over all requests related to Prod X is limited compared to collecting it in one place (project).

PS: no more bitmaps, promised.


11 years ago

I have to think about this. But at the moment, I am pretty convinced that this feature can not really be provided by streber. What you actually want to do is linking companies.

Even if we would add a flexible item<->item relation ship, it would raise the question, where to display / evaluate this relationship. Currently I am afraid that this is a little bit too far away from streber's purpose. Maybe I will have some idea later, though.

eh:hmmm... hmmm...

11 years ago

Discussed this with working colleagues today. We solve it now by creating a "standard" user per company and assing it to tasks of the kind mentioned in this discussion thread.

After thinking about my initial request for a while and looking at streber's straight forward design I strongly discourage you from further thinking about this! The item<->item relationships are always to be thought about twice, at least.

PS: You probably heard of "roundup" ( - a nice issue tracker where one of its strengths is exactly that almost all types of items can easily be linked to other items.

PSPS: roundup was a strong candidate competing in our evaluation for an universal pm-ticketing-todo-list-customer-relationship-and-the-like tool.