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Apr 22, 2007
Apr 15, 2012
Apr 22, 2007 / krisp
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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Did you noticed nonsense in Summary "Reply to Antwort auf Reply to I see..." ()? Languages are mixing together :)
I propose to name comments like this: "(Xn.Xn+1.Xn+2....) <root_comment_summary>" where Xn is a reply number on nth level.

(1) I see...
  (1.1) I see...
  (1.2) I see...
    (1.2.1) I see...
    (1.2.2) I see...
  (1.3) I see...
(2) nice



11 years ago

Yeah, I already noticed this behavior. It is not easy to get rid of it, because "Reply" is a text fragment added to the default title of the reply comment. It is completely reasonable that this default titles is changed / overwritten.

Besides this I what to get rid of numbers. Having the item-ids to already too much numbers in Streber.

There are several solutions for this:
  1. "> > xyz"
  2. "Re: Re: xyz"
  3. no prefix at all
  4. Use the default language of the streber-installation to get the prefix.
I prefer method 4, although it will be some effort.

tino:Reply to hmm...

11 years ago

I prefer solution number 3!

Actually the comments are intendend - I think that's enough.
Take a look at the design on youtube.com - looks great.

pixtur:Antwort auf Reply to hmm...

11 years ago

Sounds reasonable...

xl:Solution 3

11 years ago

would be fine.


11 years ago

somebody wants to give it a try?


11 years ago

so no prefix at all?

I'll check this.

pixtur:yep... Just removing the prefix should be straight forward.

11 years ago

jd:Number 2

11 years ago

but if you wont to change the subj to your own you'll have this ability.

tino:In order to get the best scalability...

11 years ago

I set up a config variable in the config file.

Now you can set the prefix of the title of your comment easily.

  * Reply on comment prefix
  *  0 - no prefix at all (default)
  *  1 - Re: (international standard)
  *  2 - default "Reply to" text from language file

pixtur:no options please

11 years ago

Hi Tino,

please try to avoid options. Since anybody stated, that the reply prefix isn't needed, we should should remove it. Adding an option will only increase complexity.


11 years ago

no prefix needed.