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Apr 18, 2007
Apr 18, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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This is concept for a more useful usage of the home view.

Second versionπ



guest:Progress bar

12 years ago -

I'm using streber without efforts calculation. Whether showing the effrots progress bar or not should be a configurable setting.


12 years ago

The green bars display the progress for the upcoming milestone for the project (if there is one). Obviously this is not really clear in the suggested UI mock up. Damn.

krisp:First mockup rules the most

12 years ago

and gives at a glance project(s) status view.

The only changes are:
  1. Despite of Recent changes I would give number of recent changes (after X open tasks / x changes), linking to project page/changes view (with added grouping filter by item, like: comment, wiki, task (modified), etc.).
  2. In place of recent changes I would give estimated end (calculated from tasks/milestones) and days lasts/delayed.

pixtur:Antwort auf First mockup rules the most

12 years ago

Very interesting. Could you make a sketch of this?

Actually I LOVE the current design of the dashboard. I already implemented the other view (it was a pain in the as because the table layout has to use rowspans). I dropped it, because it displayed too much information.

It probably depends on the users point of view: If you are a worker or moderator the current dashboard is just fine. If you are a PM your need a birds eye view of the current projects, not the detailed changes. Maybe we could figure out another view that is focused on the needs of PMs.

krisp:Reply to Antwort auf First mockup rules the most

12 years ago

  1. OK. I'll try to sketch out my idea in 2/3 days preceded some additional research.
  2. I didn't say your dash is bad. There should be sort of views/tables we/user could choose from and pushed in the scope of . The best commercial PMISes has customizable dashboards.

I don't get what changes exactly second dashboard does show and what doesn't?
As I said recently, adding filter group by item to Overall history maybe could give us more and, by the way, should be done despite of it.

krisp:Krisp's mockup proposition to the first version

11 years ago (17. update 11 years ago)

comment moved to to separate upcoming discussion.

pixtur:Antwort auf Krisp's mockup proposition to the first version

11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)

I turned this one into a new task:


12 years ago

Yes. Filtering by Type on Overall history would be very useful. But we first should get v0.08 released.