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Request feedback of persons on items


Apr 13, 2007
Apr 13, 2007 / burger
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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This task was formerly called "Kind of "forwarded messages" in home"


We would like to have a feature where e.g. the project manager can forward a "message" (affected task + comment) about a specific task to a assigned person (= assigned to the specific task).

The message could for example be "Please book efforts for this task".

Our idea is that we have a checkbox (named "forward") and a comment field (named "forward comment") next to the assigned person in the taskEdit form.

This would be the easiest way to forward a message to a assigned person of a specific task.

At the home view should be a box with the name of the task, the comment and the modification date where the person - the message was forwarded to - can check his/her messages.

What do you think about this feature?

also seeπ



12 years ago

I find it very desireable.
The simpliest (most effective) way is to make possibility to add people (in the same way as to add person to the project team) to the comment of a task, who shold be forwarded (at add comment tab).

pixtur:not sure

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

I am not sure if I completely understood it.

Why do you not use the "Comment / Update" - box at the bottom of each task? You could assign the task to somebody and add a comment as well? I do not get the benefit for adding an additional option to the taskEdit-form (which is already way too complex for my taste).

Or is this feature meant like a "Private comment on a task for a specific user"? Then this would be a feature of the "Comment" not the task...

krisp:Reply to not sure

12 years ago

I'd rather think about email forward, containing wiki+comments...
From the other hand, idea of separate table gatering "interesting" comments perfectly fits to my idea.


12 years ago

Our problem is that if a user is related to a task and you write him/her a comment then he/she sometime ignore or don't recognize or forget to read this comment. This happens very often. Therefore we would like to forward this task with a specific comment (like "Please check immediately" or "Please book efforts for tis task" to the user so he/she really realize that he/she has to care about this task.
I know it's a little bit complex/different but maybe useful.


12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Now I understand. We have the same problem here. May I suggest the following procedure:
  1. implement
  2. get track of unviewed replies (interesting comments) can write this number at a prominent place (e.g. beside the "Comments" page tab.
  3. Additionally motivate to use the "blocked" status.
    • I am not really sure how to do this perfectly. But the idea is to assign a task to a person and set the task status to "Blocked". In the homeview and notification-mail establish a prominent block (e.g. with red outline and skulls etc.) called "Your are blocking following tasks": xyz)

burger:But ...

12 years ago

... if you assign more than one person to a task but only one person makes "problems" then all assigned people get the "blocked" message or have the comment in their lists.

Our suggestion would look like the attached files show.

pixtur:I see...

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Tasks assigned to multiple persons are indeed a problem... Hmm. But I am still not convinced:
  1. I like the idea of the "blocked" status to put some pressure.
  2. I thing the forward message is cumbersome because it suggests that you have to reassign a task to the same person again.
I would summarize the feature "add comment to person on a task". I guess nobody look at taskEdit for this feature.

My interface suggestions looks like this:


krisp:Reply to I see...

12 years ago

I don't see if you plan also send email notification. Do you?
you said "The immediate Notifications are only sent if you bookmark / monitor an item." I often need to notifiy some people about what is going on certain task/project. Thus, I have to manualy send email like this "Please see http://www.streber-pm.org/4709" and pasting some introduction copied from that page e.g "My interface suggestions looks like this:". This is totally ineffective.

Why don't to add one more checkbox "Notify by email"? Then immediate email goes like this:
Topic: <project_name>: <folder_name> > ... > <task_name> (comment)
Email comes from <system_name> and please reply at http://www.streber-pm.org/4610
{here goes comments in reverse order - newest first}

pixtur:Antwort auf Reply to I see...

12 years ago

Adding a "email now" option sounds like a good idea. But on the other hand it might be sufficient / better to add a "immediate" option to a user's notification mail frequency setting.

krisp:Reply to Antwort auf Reply to I see...

12 years ago

Immediate option was my intension too :)
But what I mean is little different.
  1. I think about placing all text in email, not only topics as we got now.
  2. Setting "Immediate option" is mostly out of control of a poster. Even as a PM you would have to set this option to all recipients before adding a comment :)

krisp:Reply to Antwort auf Reply to I see...

12 years ago

Did you noticed nonsense in Summary "Reply to Antwort auf Reply to I see..."? Langages mixing together :)
I propose to name comments like this: "(Xn.Xn+1.Xn+2....) <root_comment_summary>" where X is a replay number on nth level.

krisp:Reply to Antwort auf Reply to I see...

12 years ago

Did you noticed nonsense in Summary "Reply to Antwort auf Reply to I see..."? Langages mixing together :)
I propose to name comments like this: "(Xn.Xn+1.Xn+2....) <root_comment_summary>" where X is a replay number on nth level.

burger:nice ...

12 years ago

I really like your idea.
It's really nice.

(Reassigning is not necessary in my version. You only have to check the checkbox 'forward'.)

burger:Last updates

11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)

Hi Tom,

I committed all my changed I did before I had quit my job.
I also committed my version of the forward message feature.

Furthermore I committed my changes to
This was really my last "action" for streber :-).
I wish you good luck with the project in the futur.

tino:Hey burger...

11 years ago

...what for sad news you quit streber! ;-(

Please think about it...

Regards Tino


11 years ago

This is really sorry, but such is live :(

I will probably revert some of the forward comment code because it the request comment is a much better solution.