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Apr 10, 2007
Apr 10, 2007 / krisp
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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I found very useful to see all changed comments (or commented objects) you are "interested in" at home page. The definition/rule of "interested in" is:
  • comments replayed to you or you participate in replay,
  • added to your tasks or tasks you booked,
  • added to your projects in any task
  • and you have permission to see them.
It is similar to change table you see at project page. I think this table shold be contextual depending where you are:
  • at home page (all comments you are interested in),
  • at project page (all comments in project)
and both in accordance with the rules i've mentioned at the begining.


pixtur:similar like...

11 years ago

krisp:Reply to similar like...

11 years ago

not exactly... mock-up shows all change events... I'd like to see only "communication" events. I think separate tab on your mock-up should be good.


11 years ago

added to your projects in any task

would mean any comments...

May we could do it like this:
  1. create new "Page" in Home called "Feedback"
  2. This page lists all tasks and files that:
    • have been commented by others after(!) you have created, modified or commented or you have been assigned to the task
  3. Unviewed comments are highlighted (bold or orange)
  4. Tasks you answered are removed from the list.

krisp:Sounds brilliant for me!

11 years ago

Some next brainstorm thoughts:
  1. Let's tab have the name "Feedback (X)", where X = count of comments (or at least items on the list).
  2. I'm silently thinking what about unanswered comments...? We have bookmarks... but it's achilles heel is lack of grouping function by item type (today we have only list view which make me a little confused mixing all types together). It may handle this.
  3. Didn't you forget about "documents" at p.2? Unless by "tasks" u mean also docs... but I've read u wanted to separate tasks from docs in v0.8.
  1. What do u think about making similar page in "People > {a person}" view but presenting all that person comments?
  2. Did you ever consider adding comments to milestones/releases?

pixtur:some comments:

11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)


  • Task is the parent type. Features, Bugs, Documentation Topics are derived from tasks.
  • We need a list of all changes by a user. This list (or page) will include all comments. But it is not sooo easy. See .

Follow offsπ

Note: This feature partially overlaps with: . I think this concept (requesting feedback of people) is a much better solution than unanswered comments. We would never know, when a discussion is finished.