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Apr 10, 2007
Apr 10, 2007 / krisp
Apr 19, 2007 / pixtur

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Some convenienece of exploring task list could be reached adding anchors to the rolled up folders (hiden tasks case). If you try roll it down to show all containig tasks, browser should scroll page (after reloading) directly to the rolled down folder. This could be very convenient especially in case where folder is at the bottom of long task list - no need to scroll all the page and searching rolled down folder.

We could imagine quite different mechanizm rolling down folders without refreshing all the page but it seems to be far complex than adding anchors.


pixtur:I would go for ajax...

11 years ago

I would rather invest the time needed for an in between solution with anchors into a sever ajax solution. But as you already guessed this one is pretty complex. I would like the keep it for v0.09.