Project export/import for backup/archive reasons


Apr 10, 2007
Apr 10, 2007 / krisp
Aug 5, 2009 / rafael.dalpra

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I found a need to save all the project data (inc. files) to the external form (for example zip) for archive or migration purposes between 2 instances of streber.


pixtur:ony for a single project?

11 years ago

or from a complete installation? Storing data from a single project is really complex, because reinserting them needs the merge the ids with existing items (e.g. existing persons).

I also need this feature urgently because I have a lot of scattered installations going on and plan to merge them. I am thinking about some kind of xml export.
The problem here is that we would require pretty much memory. Probably much more than the 40mb granted by my provider

But if exporting either a complete or a partial installation would be possible, I could merge them locally, probably even with an external tool.