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Mar 23, 2007
Mar 23, 2007 / burger
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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To use streber effective we need a kind of cost overview.

Therefore I need a new input field at personNew/personEdit for the person's salary per hour.

Furthermore I need a new input field at taskNew/taskEdit for the costs of the tasks.

In the projViewEfforts we need an overview of
  • labour costs and task costs (e.g. Person X (10€/h) worked on a specific task for overall 25 hours (=250€) and the task's costs are 500€ => 50% of the task's costs are already spent)
  • effort costs and task costs (e.g. Person X (10€/h) has an effort of 10 hours (=100€) and task's costs are 1000€ => 10% of the costs are already spent)
The cost overview and the hourly rate field at personNew/Edit should only be visible for admins.

Maybe this cost overview and the extra fields for hourly rate of a person and task costs could be configurable by customize.inc.php?! (If not everyone would like to have this feature).


burger:Really important ...

12 years ago

Do you think we can realise this kind of cost overview in streber?
Or do you have some other ideas?

burger:Pictures of this feature

12 years ago

I added some pictures how this feature looks like.


12 years ago

Some thoughts (maybe too late):

  • The hourly rate of a person should be a field for his project team member member ship (so a person can have different rates for different projects). This project_person.salary should be used for summing up.
  • person.(default_)salary should be used to initialize the salary when a person is assigned to new projects.
The display of the cost field is really tricky...
  • PM should probably see salaries
  • Should user see their own salaries?
-> I think this should be an option for project_person.settings

About your screen shotsπ

Currently this looks a little bit complicated. Do you really need that much information? Maybe we could put this on a separate page called "effort_details" or ''effort_summary" or so?

"Kalkulation in Euro" tells me nothing? What should this field be good for?

burger:Okay ...

12 years ago

  1. I will add the project_person.salary and need it for calculation
  2. I will add a new page called "effort summary" (because we really need all this information)
  3. "Kalkulation in Euro" means the calculated costs for a task (In "taskEdit" there is also an internal tab where you can insert the estimated costs of a task)


12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Is it okay if I don't move the different calculations to a seperate page because I implemented the calculations in the way of reacting to filter setting changes. That means if I show only the 'open' efforts then the currently displayed calculation is only for the open efforts and so on.
But if I would move the calculations to a seperate page then I cannot show filter specific calculations.

So is it okay if I don't move it?
Especially because only admins (right to edit and view all) can see this calculations.

pixtur:Leaving it there will be ok for now,

12 years ago

but it really makes the page a little bit too complex. We should start to figure out how to clean up the interface from such details, that are only needed at a specific time.


12 years ago

I committed the files related to this feature. Please have a look at it and feel free to inform me about changes I should do :-).


12 years ago

I am just going through your changes and collect anything at:
  • and

diego:Calculations on Person

11 years ago

I did a small modification to streber (trunk version) to add calculations to efforts and money for a person (only summaries on projects); I added it directly in the person/efforts page (no dedicated page like for projects.)

I attach the patch file if you want to try it (file done with Eclipse SVN plugin.)

pixtur:Patch needs to be reviewed...

11 years ago