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Mar 12, 2007
Mar 12, 2007 / damian2
Sep 1, 2009 / leefix

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We are in process of migrating our knowledge-base based in Tikiwiki, and we are getting in fault the ability to show backlinks, or the possibility to show items that are referencing the actual item.

What do you think about this feature? it's possible?



12 years ago

Actually I want to have this feature as well. Although it is definately possibily to set up a new page-linkage table, it would still be some effort.

damian2:any updates?

10 years ago

have you think about pay development?
i think there are some of us what could need some "more enterprise features", that could be an incentive for develoment.


10 years ago

Well, right now developeming streber is not an issue of money, but time. Once in a while I get into the urge of spending a day or two. But of course this is not enough.

damian2:backlinks again

9 years ago

can you admit some code in order to gain features?
i would pay some programmer in order to implement features like:
  • backlinks
    • backlinks will showed at the right, like archives.
  • search form
    • search in project, boolean operators
  • tags
    • at this time i don't know if they will be jerarquized
what do you think?

leefix:Backlinks, better Search

9 years ago (2. update 9 years ago)

I'd also love to see features like backlinks and an "advanced" search.
See my entries