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Documentation for streber's source code with doxygen

Mar 4, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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I invested some time into cleaning up some of the source code comments to be automatically parsed by Doxygen. I believe this will become a very nice help for all developers.


damien:Send mail notification for every changes

12 years ago

(I do not know where to post for help)

We did install streber v0.795 and it is the best pm we ever tried (!). We may adopt it but we need to be able to set the email notifier for every action !

We mean that (as in mantis) we would like that concerning people receive email notification not on a daily basis but anytime there is a change in task/bugs/etc...

How to do it ? maybe there is just a setting to change ?

Thx for answering,


pixtur:You could probably adjust the code...

12 years ago

You get immediate notification for bookmarked items. You can probably change the code there, so anyone get's a notification, even if he has not set any bookmarks.

guest:And what about having a choice : immediate ?

12 years ago -

Thx for that quick answer.
  1. In what files should we do some changes ?
  2. I think it will be better to have an another choice : immediate rather than daily.
=> we are a small company but based in three location and having people working in many different places.
What we would like is that anyone attached to a project and based on the users right received email immediately so that they will not have to stay connected to internet pm site. It is also important as manager have push email mobile phone. They will receive email on their phone (as blackberry or windows mobile) and can decide what to do.

pixtur:Antwort auf And what about having a choice : immediate ?

12 years ago

For the interface point of vide "Immediate" is a very good suggestion.
-> "immediate" setting for notification mails

shrike:Usability and simplicity - the idea behind good collaboration

12 years ago

Please, check out the Basecamp and Basecamp ripoff activecollab [ http://www.activecollab.com ]

Outstanding, how simple interface can be and you do not get information overflow feeling. Is there any change to clean up the Streber, or could there be administrator page for things to be shown or hidden from useriterface? :)

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  • detailed
I think, we should soon freeze the feature based approach and tune the actual project flow and interface to top notch beast of the collaboration tools. It gives a very big advantage, when project management feels very intuitive. You donĀ“t need to show everything right away and ajax-candy is brilliat for making drag&drop ordering, hiding & showing etc. :)


pixtur:Antwort auf Usability and simplicity - the idea behind good collaboration

12 years ago

I do perfectly agree with you. I too see the interface becoming more and more complex and sometimes even cluttered, I already have made a redesign of the header area, which will make the general navigation concept much more understandable.

Also I already added some project options like:
  • enable efforts
  • enable milestones
  • enable versions
Another option should be "enable public levels". Turning this off would also greatly clean up the interface.

Drag and drop of tasks would be nice but this a serious amount of work. Until we get more support from other developers, I doubt this will come very soon... :(


damien:Design and Ergonomy

12 years ago

Active Collab is certainly a good tool, but its main advantage is the simple design and ergonomy.

As I told you earlier we have have ressources to do both design and dev.
( Btw Pixtur : did you receive my email ?)

We would be happy to help on both design and dev.

How to ?

pixtur:sorry damien...

11 years ago

Just sent you an email.