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overload Multibyte text function to correctly display utf8


Feb 26, 2007
Feb 26, 2007 / pixtur
Feb 27, 2007 / pixtur

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Original docu from: http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.mbstring.php#72472

tried out the following option...

 ini_set("mbstring.func_overload", 2);

But is had not effect on the most obvious problem: Truncated names with utf8, e.g. in project list. To partly fix this problem I now added a fallback solution for the getShort() function:

from db_item.inc.php

                if(function_exists('mb_substr')) {
                    return mb_substr($this->name, 0 ,$length) . "...";
                return substr($this->name, 0 ,$length) . "...";

I also has to added this to initialBasicFixes():

from index.php

    if(function_exists('mb_internal_encoding')) {

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