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Some hints to newbees...

How to get help and give feedback to StreberPM?π

Actually streber does a lot of what a forum does. Just a little bit more. The best way to get in contact is:
  1. register a new account (look to the top right corner)
  2. Start to create Tasks, Topics or Comments: Go to the Project Overivew of streber and use the Page functions in the upper right area.
Don't be afraid of doing damage or not sorting things into the correct category. We will fix this for you.

Comments or Tickets?π

Any feedback will help us, so we encourage you to comment on anything. But very often, a ticket in form of a Feature, Task or Bugreport is much more appropriate. Using your Login instead of the guest account will help to track discussions.

Use new Tasks...π

  • If you have a small hotfix for problem
  • If you you want to request a certain feature

Use new Topics...π

  • If you want to start a general discussion on a topic
  • If you want to start a thread (like in a classical forum)

Use new Bugs...π

  • On anything that is related to a current version of streber. But before doing so, please read .

Use comments...π

  • to give feedback or discuss on a ticket
  • To give feedback on documentation

Can I break something?π

No. Since this system is wiki based, you can change anything as you like. If you find a typo or an unclear wiki text, do not hesitate to double click on the text and fix it (You need to be registered to do this). We will review most changes and probably correct it. All deleted or closed items can be restored.

But please do not troll around. This is real data we are working with, no testing environment. For testing Streber please see Online demo. Also please be careful with closing / deleting folders because this might involve moving a lot of subtasks.

Can I help the project?π


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