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v0.0796 brings registration for new users

Feb 25, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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I finally found some time to release a new version.

The most important change is probably, that you can now register as a new user to post comments, report bugs, request features and edit wiki. If you want to register please read
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12 years ago

i'm reiterating myself, sorry.
after a throught search for a project management tool, i found this project to be the most close to my ideas. it has almost everything we need.

i also found, of course, the following carencies:
*We need fields for put, with the duration of a effort, an actual cost. an effort can cost time and money.
*the cost for a task can be explicited like a budget cost. The real cost will be the sum of all money efforts.
*joining the above, we'll have: budget cost and realized cost for a entire project

the entire system will make the possibility to follow a project from the initial plan (budgeted), to follow the actual efforts (money and time) and to serve for knowledge adquired for planning nexts projects.

i disagree, of course, with the others vision for a complete erp system integrating invoicing. i think that this can be out of the scope for this system, as we have another projects specialized in accounting. The strongs of streber are the collaborative project management and to serve as base for future development in the reporting area.

with some charts and reports, this project will defeat the others projects in this area.

sorry for the extension. i hope you can take in consideration these ideas.

cheers to all.

pixtur:We are already discussion this topic...

12 years ago

Did you read Invoice? Please do so and add any ideas to our plans.

guest:Localisation support

12 years ago -

I have made some translations. Russian language pack (ru.inc.php, 'DEFAULT_LANGUAGE' => 'ru',).
But this makes affect partially (eg: at logon screen, welcome string,...)
Other "controls" are still in english. Did i something wrong?

Sorry for my poor english :)

pixtur:Antwort auf Localisation support

12 years ago

I need some more details for answere this. Please add some details to this ticket: problems with Russian language support