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Public / Feb 25, 2007
Feb 25, 2007 / pixtur
Feb 25, 2007 / pixtur

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Further fixes.
Installation recommended for users of or higher


  • fixed open tasks for milestone --> invalid project_id
  • fixed Multiedit tasks - bad initial values
  • fixed csv-export of efforts (was broken because of presets)


  • register new users
  • fixed disabled both Webbplatsen themes
  • fixed Invalid renderDateHtml after midnight
  • fixed Label of Documation pages
  • fixed minor issues with AjaxEditing inside selectable list rows
  • fixed sorting of efforts
  • added "add comment" to news in
  • fixed id parameter in itemView
  • added "book effort" function for docu pages
  • improved csv-exporting of lists (added names of persons, tasks and projects)
  • fixed wiki text with less than 3 characters doesn't appear bold
  • person last_logout value set to NOW
  • fixed DbProjectItem::getEditableById for Projects
  • ajax-editing of project description (for admins)
  • fixed installation for mysql4
  • fixed "edit:"-label in project view if there is nothing to edit

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