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Can't install latest version


Feb 6, 2007
Feb 6, 2007 / guest
May 2, 2007 / guest

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When installing I get:

checking mysql connecting to 'localhost'...
Connection using mysql_connect SUCCESSFUL

Make sure to not overwrite existing streber-db called 'streber'
DB 'streber' already exists

checking version of existing database
Could not query streber-db version. Assuming fresh installation

creating tables...
Required file ./create_structure_v0.079.sql is missing, trying to use ./create_structure_v0.0702.sql instead and then upgrade.

assuming v0.0702

doing 20 changes to database...
update db-version information

writing configuration file '.././_settings/db_settings.php'...


add db-version entry

add admin-user entry 1/2

Query error: INSERT into streb_person
                          268435455, /* all rights */

This doesn't happen if:

1) Install version streber_v0.0704x
2) Upgrade to streber_v0.078
3) Upgrade to streber_v0.079

But this way I cannot create projects !

Issue report

Have not tried
Apache/2.0.55 (Ubuntu) PHP 5.1.6
streber 0.0703


pixtur:This is really weird.

12 years ago

Actually when upgrading the admin user should already be there. Are there any more details about the sql-error? Maybe in the errors.log?

I tested upgrading and it worked find for me. The missing sql-file is just fine, because the upgrading steps are done in single migration steps. Or least they should be...

Maybe the _settings/db_settings.inc.php file is missing but the database still exist?


12 years ago -

Probably I could have been more explicit.
The SQL error only occurs when I try a fresh install, either v0.078 or v0.079.
Usually I create the database (empty) and the user (assign all privileges) manually before I start the installation.
Also tried a fresh install with the v0.078, but I get the same SQL error.

Strange is, if I follow these steps:

1) Install version streber_v0.0704x
2) Upgrade to streber_v0.078
3) Upgrade to streber_v0.079

Everything works out OK during the instalation (no SQL errors). But then, I cannot create a project.

How can I provide more help ?


pixtur:trying to understand...

12 years ago

Am I right that you have actually two problems?
  1. upgrading from v0.0702
  2. Fresh installation of v.079x
Please let us not intermix these problems. Both things should work and and should be fixed separately.

Some questions:
  1. Why and how exactly does the fresh installation fail?
  2. Why do you create the admin manually?
  3. What's the precise problem when upgrading from v0.0702?
Please provide an e-mail address so I can create an account for you. Then please upload you php.ini, phpInfo() and my.ini (sql-setting) files to this task.

Thanks for your help. And sorry if things are not working for you.


12 years ago -

Ok. Let's concentrate on the first problem: Fresh Install

1) Decompress Streber folder
2) Place folder in http://webserver/streber
3) Create database in Mysql Administrator
4) Create streber_user in Mysql Administrator
5) Grant all privileges to streber_user
6) Open browser in http://webserver/streber
7) Fill in the required information
8) Press Install / Upgrade button

That's were I got the SQL error.

Meanwhile, and I don't know if this helps:

I noted almost all the fields in the table person (in my case streb_person) are marked as not null, and this INSERT doesn't have all the required fields.

My email is: antgomes99@hotmail.com


pixtur:excellent hint...

12 years ago

I checked again and found that ip_address is defined as "NOT NULL" but having no default value. I changed the installation function. Respectively. I will sent you a temporary version to check.


12 years ago

Hi Pixtur.

Although, I dind't received any update from you, I tried to install the new version v0.0792. Tried, because it failed in the same place.

Nevetheless, I've invested some time in the issue (I'm not a php developer).

The problem seems related to another not null field :date_highlight_changes.

When I've added it to the INSERT clause responsible for the admin user creation, then installation went to the end.

pixtur:You didn't get the mail?

12 years ago (4. update 12 years ago)

I remember composing it. Just checked. Sent it 2007-02-09 to antgomes99@hotmail.com. Maybe spam filter problem? Ah, just got the answere:

Reasons for rejection may be related to content such as obscene language, graphics, or spam-like characteristics or other reputation problems.

try: http://www.pixtur.de/pub/streber_v0.0793.zip instead


12 years ago

Hi Pixtur.

I got the same problem with the new version I've sent me.
As I've written previously the problem seems related to date_highlight_changes field.


12 years ago

Hi Pixtur.

With the release v0.0796 my install problems disappeared.


guest:pls install new version

11 years ago -