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v0.079 (v0.08 RC2)


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Public / Feb 4, 2007
Feb 4, 2007 / pixtur
Feb 6, 2007 / pixtur

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Actually this is much more than the second release candidate for v0.08. It also brings important new features like RSS feeds and Ajax editing.
And of course we fixed a lot of issues.

Important Changesπ

  • added: inplaced editing of wiki chapters (task descriptions/ own comments)
  • added: quick project selector to Project tab
  • RSS feeds for project with HTTP authentication
  • more functionality for bookmarks
  • fixed: Anonymous user cannot view tasks
  • fixed: compatibilty with IE 6.0 (stylesheets, javascript, etc.) Still ugly but better
  • fixed: new users can't editor their own profile
  • added finish and czech translations
  • fixed javascript error when clicking into comment list (checkbox not found)
  • changed: projView "Folder list" replaced by project documentation box
  • included notification on changed and unchanged items in sendNotifcationForPerson function
  • fixed visibility check for RSS feed when ananymous user
  • added correct ATOM-Feed link to header
  • added strike syntax to wiki
  • removed Delete and Bookmark functions from projView (deleting is no good, Projectselector works better than bookmarking)
  • fixed character setting
  • task list effort column is off by default
  • added counter for num of sql statements
  • added table indeces to comments and efforts
  • added note on deleted tasks headline

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