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For quickly switching between projects, you can use the Project Selector. This is a small arrow beside the Projects tab which lists all open projects.



eh:More distinctive project name in project selector

11 years ago

We have same projects for different companies, let's say a project named "documentation". So the projet selector shows a number of "documentation" projects. We worked this around by adding the company short name in the project name. Works fine - but we have to type in data which is already in the database. I guess streber could do it itself with little changes in code (and optionally controlling this behaviour by setting a customization parameter yes/no).

tino:Reply to More distinctive project name in project selector

11 years ago

Take a look at

pixtur:very nice suggestion.

11 years ago

I would prefer a solution like suggested on the project list of homeDashboard_v02.png.

I will always discuss against options. :) There is a very true wisdom: Every option is an avoided decision.

eh:The more is predefined the better (not always, but very often)

11 years ago

Stay on voting against a fully customizable product - the more configurable options the more support requests and at the end the more confusion and user discontent (at least my experience with some commercial sw products).

Regarding you answer above: please help me - the pic looks nice, but I can't read an answer out of it.

Best regards.

pixtur:on the right side of the image...

11 years ago

... you see the project list. I want to project select behave in a similar war. Companies are inserted as small headlines or labels to structure the list.