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Block with all changes (projects, tasks, ...)


Jan 11, 2007
Apr 15, 2012
Jan 11, 2007 / burger
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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We would like to have an overview of all changes.

It should look like and have the same functionality like the changes box at the project view but with all changes (not only the changes of a specific project).

For a project manager it is really annoying to check every project view if something changed.
It would be much more comfortable to have a block at the home view or a completely new page with all changes.

The admin or project manager should have the possibility to see everything.
And "normal" team members should only have the right to see changes at their related projects/tasks/...

Furthermore it should be possible to filter the changes ("today", "yesterday", "last week", ...).

Do you think we can realise this? (Naturally after I finished the bookmark stuff :-) ).


pixtur:Yes, I want this too...

12 years ago

  • I believe it will be really easy to be done.
  • Please see for the Pages:
    • Tasks (showing tasks of all projects with "Assigned Tasks" as default preset
    • Efforts - stays the same
    • History - overall history (All Changes)
    • "Bookmarks" - should be moved into a separate page

Note that the changed Task's Folder also needs a "Project" like in the search results.

webbplatsen:Project block

12 years ago

I have the same problem. Have over 20 open projects and it's impossible to get a quick overview what's happening.
A filter/setting for number of tasks displayed in Home is a request.

Project blockπ

It also would be nice if you could create your own "project block" in Home view. Today my Home contains tooooo many rows and maybe I'm just interested in the first 10 tasks. IMHO more clean view with less rows.

A Project block could look like;
  • Name of Block
  • Selected Project
  • Number of tasks shown
  • Maybe additional info like changes etc.
Maybe you could create any kind of blocks instead of project blocks only.

This is not the best example but take a look at this vTiger screenshot;

burger:Start with this feature?

12 years ago

If it's okay then I'll start to implement this feature.
I will try to implement it like you suggested at .

burger:Some hints?

12 years ago

I had a look at the Block_task_quickedit class.
I think I have to implement a similar class?!

But I also think, that I have to make some changes at the render_lists file to use lists in combination with tabs. Or?

Can you give me some hints?

Or should I first implement it in a "main" tab (like 'home'-'projects'-'persons'-etc.) and we'll think later about your suggestions with the 'recent event' box at home view?

burger:Temporary implementation

12 years ago

I think at first I will implement it as a 'main' tab because there is no way to implement it like you suggested in your interface mockup at the moment.

I think there have to be made some changes in the implementation of lists to combine tabs with lists.

Is this okay for you?

pixtur:as main tab...

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

This is perfectly o.k. I would have done it just like this. :)

If we have the changes list we can figure out, how to adjust the list block. Should I try to do the necessary changes to combine lists with tabs?


12 years ago

I committed my changes. It would be kind of you if you could check them.

I didn't add a new main tab.
I added a sub tab of the home tab.
=> home => today / changes

I hope this is fine for you, too?!

burger:Oh, I forgot ...

12 years ago

I always get the error note:

NOTICE: Could not find tab 'homeAllChanges' in list...

and I don't know why.

Maybe you can check this, too?

pixtur:I will have a look at this!

12 years ago


12 years ago

Hi Tom,

why did you change my ListBlock_AllChanges?

The new one doesn't work and I cannot group the list.
The removal of the ListBlock_AllChanges is also the reason for the error described at .


12 years ago

Maybe the ListBlock_Changes is okay for the projView, but I think it's not practicable for the homeAllChanges view.

So what do you suggest?


12 years ago

Can you please explain in the future why you removed my changes because I would like to understand what I did wrong or what I have to improve?!


12 years ago

The problem with the usage of ListBlock_changes is also that even if I'm a Admin I only see the changes of my related projects and not all changes.
But as an admin I would like to see every change.


12 years ago

I didn't meant to drop all your changes. I just figured that we could reusing the project's change list, because I thought it would be more readable and could be used for better RSS-Feed summary. I thought reusing the code and reducing the number of lists styles would be good. I should have be more precise at the first hand...

I am sorry, that it's not working as it is supposed to be. Of course you should see all all projects in admin view mode. That is a bug.

I am not sure, how grouping could be implemented, but we could add some search filters above the list:
  • type as checkboxes
  • assigned to - dropdown list
  • changed by - dropdown list
  • age - field
  • etc.
Do you really need the grouped style?

I really appreciate you work on streber and know I am affraid that you are frustrated about my changes.
I will try to fix the problems as soon as possible. If you have any more questions, please ask.


12 years ago

If it's okay I will add
if($auth->cur_user->user_rights & RIGHT_VIEWALL){
			$this->query_options['visible_only'] = false;
			$this->query_options['visible_only'] = true;
at the print_automatic function of the ListBlock_changes class to allow the admin to view all changes?!


12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Hi Tom,

we really need the grouping.

We have so many projects (=> tasks, subtasks, efforts, comments ...) that we need to have as much overview/clearness as possible.

It isn't enough to see the changes in their chronologically order.

We have to see at the first view who changed which items. We don't want to search through every single line what e.g. employeeX changed.

We can change my stuff that it looks like your change list because in the ListBlock_AllChanges grouping is possible? Or we can change your stuff in a way that grouping will be possible? What's your suggestion?

I don't think that a new form of filtering like you suggested above is a really good idea. Sorry :-)!


12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

About your fixπ

I am not sure about your suggested fix, because I cannot look at the code right now. But I already guess, that it must mit something like this.

on groupingπ

I understand that you need the grouping feature and providing it will be just fine. It's good to get some feed from real life.
Maybe we can display two list styles: "grouped" and "reduced". But this could be tricky, because the new list style does a lot of comining: since all changes are task centric, we do no longer have items of different type to group... So I guess it will be two completely different ListBlocks... e.g.

$query_options= array();

# print list styles
# print presets
# get query options from preset 

if($current_style == 'grouped') {
  $list= ListBlock_ChangedItems($query_options);
else {
  $list= listBlock_Changes($query_options);

Something like this. In real code it will be a lot more tricky.

Should I do the changes? Or do you want to give it a try?


12 years ago

I don't know. I can try to realise it like you suggested above. But if you plan bigger code changes then you should maybe do the changes.

pixtur:ok... I will give it a try at the weekend.

12 years ago


12 years ago

Hi Tom,

I know that you are always extremely busy but this is a important feature for us and we really need the grouping function.
I can also try to implement the new change-list style but I don't know if I have the knowledge/overview to do this in a satisfying way?!

burger:Still alive?

12 years ago

Hi Tom,

how are you?
Are you still alive?
I didn't get any reaction from you in the last two weeks?

Anyway, I wish you happy Easter holidays and I hope will hear of each other next week.

pixtur:good question...

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

erm... I was absent... maybe I should write a news: