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wiki linking does not work consistently for all item types and wiki formats


Jan 5, 2007
60 min ... 4 hours
Jan 5, 2007 / madlyr
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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NOTE: This task was formerly titled: "Not all item types displayed in wiki in two formats #number item:number"

Not all item types are displayed in wiki in two formats
#number and item:number. Some works only in first, some on the second, and some on both.

There is a list of different items linked in wiki in three formats:
1. #number
2. [[item:number]
3. [[name]]

Type id id-link name link
Bug Problem moving files
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Folder wiki
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Project streber streber streber
Milestone v0.08
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People Radosław Sliwinski Radosław Sliwinski madlyr
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Releases (aka Versions) v0.078
Efforts Cannot link to item #3194 of type 8 Cannot link to item #3194 of type 8 New effort

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Have not tried



11 years ago

I added the 3rd link type and efforts :)

Obviously this code needs some refactoring :) But I think that's the current version is sufficient for v0.08 ( :) )


xl:which classes do that??

11 years ago