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Add for tasks Page Functions "Bookmark item" or similar


Jan 5, 2007
Apr 15, 2012
Jan 5, 2007 / madlyr
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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Often I want to add something to bookmarks when I read partivular task.
It would be very handy if in Page Functions would be possibility to add particular item (task/bug/file) to bookmarked items.

It could be named as:
  • Bookmark item
  • Add to bookmarks
  • Bookmark task/bug/doc



12 years ago

Actually I already requested this in :)

I would call the functions "Bookmark" and "Remove Bookmark".


12 years ago

I think I don't understand exactly what you mean or what you want exactly.

Do you want at e.g. the task view page in the right top corner a function link (like "edit: Task | Move | Delete")?

So people can mark an item as bookmarks not only at the e.g the list withh all tasks? Or?

pixtur:Reply to Question

12 years ago

Precisely. So the page function for TaskView would be:
  • Edit Task | Move | Bookmark | Delete
of if the Task is already bookmarked:
  • Edit Task | Move | Remove Bookmark | Delete

burger:Changed and committed ...

12 years ago