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This section covers details on different aspect of Streber. Especially on Datatypes, Forms and Special Pages.


guest:Problem in running Streber

12 years ago -

I downloaded streber and installed MySQL 4.1 and PHP5 in my system and changed the subsequent IIS configuration to run php on Windows by running the site from IIS like "http://localhost/stats/index.php", it shows all good configuration except "Database installed? FAILED No mysql or mysqli supported." I read a lot of tutorials and changed the php.ini in the php directory and added all type of dll in phpext folder and uncommented the php_mysql.dll and php_msql.dll etc. in the php.ini and when I ran a simple Database connectivity file with mysql_connect, it says "Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() ".
I copied the 2-3 dll in winnt/system32 and set environment path of PHP and Mysql and restarted IIS several times.Still it does not work?
Anyone over there to sort it out?

pixtur:Antwort auf Problem in running Streber

12 years ago


Why are you using mysqli not mysql?