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v0.078 (v0.08 RC1)


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Public / Jan 4, 2007
Jan 4, 2007 / pixtur
Sep 1, 2009 / wendy

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This is the RC1 for the upcomming version v0.08

Together with a new polished interface and a many new features with fixed a lot of issues with php5.2.

Change Logπ


  • full compatibilty with php5.2
  • polished default theme 'clean'
  • forms splitted into tab groups
  • Task categories to distinguish between tasks and documentation
  • Documentation navigator
  • Export to CSV format
  • Anonymous Browsing (for guests and search engines) ()
  • sorted view of project history
  • Keep track of unviewed / changed items
  • Bookmark items (not stable yet)
  • display modification history for all item types (not just tasks)


  • Polish translation finished. 100%
  • stupid captcha and spam check for guests
  • possibility of derive customized style sheats ()
  • refined search (support multiple word search)


  • refined installation from available SQL-structure file
  • Polish translation finished. 100%

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