Creating a folder in documentation view


Jan 3, 2007
Jan 3, 2007 / paro
May 29, 2007 / pixtur

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Please put the button "create folder" to the docu view too.
Otherwise it is tricky to create a new folder.
You must create a folder in task view and then create in this folder a documentation. now there is a folder with the same name in the task and the doku view.


pixtur:yes, that's tricky...

12 years ago

I really thought alot about this problem. There actually is no differences between a "Documation Folder" and a "Task Folder". Both are using the some overall project structure.

You don't not see the folders in the DocuStructure list unless in really contains some DocuPages.

Maybe I should add an option, if a Folder is displayed as "Documation" or not...

webbplatsen:Create a new VIEW?!

11 years ago

if your create a task you will see it in the task view and Ducu in Docs view.
I don't like this cause I must all the time click on "Docu" to figure out if there is any Docs there.
Good with different views and so should it be.
But it would be great if there were a new VIEW which displayed tasks, docus and files in the same view. A tag (text or icon) could be used to tell if it's a task, docu or file.

Please Santa give this to meeeeee/us...

krisp:In the taskView

11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)

there could be small links (span class="sub") comma separated under folder name in the same row (similar to history navigator).

pixtur:Where should this list be rendered?

11 years ago

I can understand your request. But it brings up (or brightens) a lot of design problems.
  1. I do not want to include another tab to the project navigation (in addition to "Tasks", "Docu", etc.)
  2. The link to this list will not be a filter preset, so adding it the this list ("all","Closed" ,etc) will not be good either.
  1. Maybe add it to the projects overview page as "view complete structure".
  2. Add a "more..." option to the project navigation. This would work like a pull down menu and include seldom pages.