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added bookmark should always display itemMonitorEdit (or similar) Form


Dec 24, 2006
Apr 15, 2012
Dec 24, 2006 / pixtur
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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When I create a new bookmark (e.g. with the ContextMenu of a task list), there should be an intermediate page with a small form asking for "Name", "Comment", "Monitor" etc.
After the bookmarks are added, a Feedback Message should be rendered and we should jump to the original page.



12 years ago

Can you explain what you mean exactly?

burger:Some more questions

12 years ago

Thanks for your annotations.

But I have some more questions:
  1. Exists a possibility to call the itemMonitorEdit form out of the itemIsBookmark function and return afterwards to this function?
--> It isn't or? The FromPage and the Edit form would be always shown together, or?!
  1. I thought about storing the item(s) who will be marked as bookmark in an array and call the itemMonitorEdit function like

from pages/items.inc.php

$PH->show('itemMonitorEdit', array('bookmarks'=>bookmarkitems_array));

But I think it isn't possible to pass an array within an array :-)?!

At the moment I'm a little bit "uninspired" regarding the handling of this problem.

Do you have a suggestion how to solve it?

pixtur:where is the difference to taskEdit?

12 years ago

If you are a any page that features a taskEdit function (e.g. projViewTasks), you can jump to taskEdit with an "From" Handle. Finally , after taskEdit and taskEditSubmit, $PH->showFromPage() is called, which displays projViewTasks again.

Although adding Arrays to Arrays would work under normal conditions, it will fail here, because the attributes are stored in the _tmp-dir with the From handle as hash key. The attributes are stored in a flat URL list like...


This does not allow hierarchical structures.


12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

The difference is that I have more possibilities to add or edit bookmarks.
  1. Task/Project/Person ... View (I can add one new bookmark)
  1. Task/Project/person ... Lists (I can add multiple bookmarks)
  1. Bookmark List (I can edit one (at the moment) bookmark)
Furthermore if I add e.g. a new task then I can be sure that it is not in the database.
Whereas the item can already be in the streb_personitem table but the attribut is_bookmarkis set to false.

So in this case there are more facts to keep in mind than at the tasksEdit function.

But I'm sure I will somehow handle this :-).

pixtur:Believe me...

12 years ago

... it cannot be more than in taskEdit :) Check the bottom of taskEditSubmit and how much is validated there before returning to the original page (think about task assignments and issue reports).

If you get struck, we could have another skype session today.


12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

It is a little bit different von TaskEdit, but I already solved it.

But there is one part in the code which isn't really nice, but I hope you'll help me to find a better solution :-).

The code isn't committed yet, because I will implement the itemMonitorEditMultiple first.


12 years ago

looking forward to review it :)

burger:Changed and committed ...

12 years ago

Please check if it's okay.
There are some code lines (to transfer the ids) I'm not happy with. I commented them. So maybe you can have a more precise look at them.

pixtur:I will check them.

12 years ago