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Streber v0.08 stabilizing / docu restructured

Dec 14, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Finally all-inkl.com upgraded to php5.2 which ran the old installation at http://streber.pixtur.de offline. So I finally dared to install the early development version of v0.08.


This not only gave me the opportunity for some have field test of the new interface, it also allowed us to finally integrate all Content from the ancient mediawiki site at http://wiki.pixtur.de . I already structured the documentation a little bit and we should start to write some basic user manual how using streber.

If any of you English speakers would help me with this, I wouldn't mind. Have a look at and drop some comments on what to put into the documentation.

Mind the orangeπ

You probably already noticed, that most if the interface turned orange. That is caused by Burger´s cool implementation of the item_person table. Orange means: This item has been updated since you last viewed it. This is much more flexible than the old highlighting scheme. But for starters I suggest to go to your home (the first main tab) and use the Mark all items as viewed option.

best regards


madlyr:some thoughts...

12 years ago (4. update 12 years ago)

  1. At least streber.pixtur.de with new version. Even it is not stable enough, then much better, than the old one :-). And probably we concentrate on stabilizing 0.08 code to release stable version this year. I want to thank you all - many improvements are really visible.
  2. Orange - although identification of my firm is gray-orange, but not viewed color is too sharp. I opt on light blue as used in some places.
  3. Streber site in streber - cool and in my opinion it gives us the best example of really advanced use of it, and power of our tool.
  4. Changes made in documentation tree in rev. 216 - tree view in Docu behaves weird. It's buggy.
  5. Demo site is not working now. Fatal error: Declaration of sql_class::__construct() must be compatible with that of sql_interface::__construct() in /www/htdocs/v029517/nod/db/db_mysql_class.php on line 37

pixtur:Reply to some thoughts...

12 years ago

update at streber.pixtur.deπ

The new version still feels a little bit shaky because of all the changes that needs to be fine tuned. But I am still happy with the discussion (although it was enforced by the 5.2.0 problems with v0.07x).


Actually I quiet like the color, but not for texts. The highlighting of the new items needs to be tuned. I think about just marking the dates orange bold.

Site with streberπ

I am really happy with how this works out. The ancient wiki was abandoned a long time ago. Getting those pages into a well sorted order gives defininately helps to find the information. Due to incredible problems with spam bots I am thinking of integration the Forums also into streber. This actually would only require a registration page...

I will try to replace the original "www.streber-pm.org" site as soon as possible.

Documentation treeπ

The documenation tree just matured yesterday night. I think it should be rev225


Thanks for the hint. I will upgrade there too.