First steps for new team members

Dec 13, 2006 / pixtur
Jun 13, 2010 / guest

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Some first questions:π

  1. If not already done so, create a user account:
  2. Do you have a sourceforge-account? If not go to and mail pixtur your Id, so he can add you to the project team. You will need this to gain write access to the svn-repository.
  3. Which platform are you using? pixtur uses Windows (sick...), but any other will do just fine. You will need to install an svn-client (like Tortoise SVN) checkout the latest revision from the repository.

Please read the following wiki-page to get an idea what is needed: Contribute.

If you want to get into php-programming, you probably will need to read through most of the developer guides DevGuide. Do not hesitate to ask any questions.

It actually depends on how you want to contribute. If you are already familiar with PHP pixtur could assign some easier tasks from the tracker to you. This could give you some first ideas about the code. If you want to do testing oder administrative work, just say so. We have enough work for everybody.

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