a few strings lack proper context


Dec 11, 2006
Dec 11, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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a few strings lack proper context (for example 'closed' is used both referring to 'task' and to 'tasks', Italian and other latin languages would require two different translations,


pixtur:I am not sure, how to fix this, without adding better context to all strings.

12 years ago

madlyr:Translation changes, when count changes - issue with messages for some languages.

12 years ago

Polish language has irregular inflection and typical message:
'Changed %s item/items'
should be in Polish:
'Zmieniono %s pozycję/pozycje/pozycji'

1 - pozycję
2-4 - pozycje
5 and more - pozycji

English is easy.

I don't have idea how get better results without complicating too much the whole streber. I tried to construct messages in such a way, we do not use inflections i.e. message above reconstructed to English equivalent:
'Count of changed items: %s'

But sometimes it's impossible to do this.

pixtur:Yeah, those plurals are not easy...

12 years ago

But actually I think that it is not too much of a shame to write it like:

 %s message(s) deleted

I mean, we are just a little open source project, not an multinational big money company.


12 years ago

Yup, I was aware about Polish having these inflections, but thanks madlyr for pointing that out. As pixtur noticed, achieving such quality of localization is a big challenge. Maybe too much for us.

My intention was mainly to target the more common adjectives like "open", "closed" and so on, that can be referred to names with different gender/quantity. A quick search give these results:
Only 14 minor changes, not a big deal. Are there other words I shall consider?

madlyr:Reply to

12 years ago (4. update 12 years ago)

Yes, there are some others, ie. labels

from std/common.inc.php

    'PROJECT_DEFAULT_LABELS' => 'Bug,Feature,Enhancement,Refactor,Idea,Research,Organize,Wiki,Docu',

There is task in streber (sorry don't have time to search) relating to it.

As I see there are some hardcoded task names or labels in code in some places (ie. feature), etc.

Installation - only english.

Streber messages see -> std/common.inc.php

Error messages.

Ask Tom pixtur for more.

pixtur:not translated:

12 years ago

English is fine of me:
  • Installation
  • Error-Messages which should never happen
  • Customizable stuff:
    • Project-Labels
    • Streber Welcome Messages

ganesh:Reply to not translated:

12 years ago

I totally agree.
About the installation, we should expect the administrator to know English. A real need for a localized installation arises naturally once the user base expands. Hopefully that day will come ;-) and then we'll act accordingly.
About the rare error messages, I see little advantange to provide translation.
About the welcome messages, they are already user-customizable. The user can translate them on his/her own, possibly providing more than one language. The only enhancement we might do in this area is to allow the user to explicitly provide different translation and let Streber show the correct one according the browser settings. Onto the wish list with very very low priority.
Ditto for project labels, with the difference that labels are used often in team communication, so I expect a sensible project manager to avoid translating them deliberately.