ask for resolve-reason and comment after tasksCompleted


Jan 10, 2006
60 min ... 2 hours
Jan 10, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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in Quick Edit:π

  • add form add a drop down list named "Change State" (task_change_state):
    • -- Do not change --
    • if state is open:
      • Complete as fixed
      • Complete as done
      • Close (because rejected)
      • Close (because bogous)
      • Close (because double)
      • Close (because cannot be reproduced)
    • if state is completed:
      • approve
      • reopen
    • if state is > completed:
      • reopen

With this we can quickly change the state of an task.

in context menu:π

  • add new menu entry "change state" with the above options
  • This will be very tricky unless we have a better context menu

Any additional ideas or suggestions?



12 years ago

Hello Tom!

How should this look like in detail?
  • New page with two fields for resolve-reason and comment?
  • Enhanced task form?
  • ...

pixtur:I will describe it later in detail

12 years ago

Some rought ideas are listed here:

pixtur:What's missing...

12 years ago

tasksComplete and tasksApprove shoud render a small form similar to tasksEditMultiple and ask for resolve reason, resolve version and a comment. In a second step those data should be written to the DB.