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Any tunning for themes?


Nov 10, 2006
Nov 10, 2006 / madlyr
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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To all. Are there any graphic needs ie. better or new icons or fine tunning some graphical interface for particular theme (but I suggest to concentrate on clean theme, it's my favourite theme ;-) ).

Please add some notes/tasks to this folder. Our firm could handle some of UI changes. Some examples of our icons: http://www.mad.com.pl/MADforma?PAGE=en.www.portfolio&dc.sort=category&dc.selected=10&dc.proId=179



12 years ago

Hi madlyr

Thanks for the offer. I am very much for finetuning the interfacen and for this concentrating of the clean interface. But you should consider, that I already put alot of effort into the upcoming style (see layout of new Home view). I am also reluctant with the usage of icons and colors.

This can lead to pretty rough discussions, because a lot of this is a matter of taste. Although I am very much open and interested in any suggestions, I would rather like to "reduce" the Clean theme, than "enhancing" it.


madlyr:Tom, I like clean theme and purists projects :-)

12 years ago

I see a good direction in clean theme too.

Of course it's a matter of taste :-)

If you need something graphical please don't hesitate to ask or discuss.
We have good designers and a big interface knowledge and we could help.

I didn't offer it earlier because you do a lot of changes and you have quiet clear vision, mockup screens so it's better to be quiet ;-)

pixtur:I am still open...

12 years ago

Hi madlyr,

yes I have a very clear vision for the general interface and the Clean Theme theme as well. But I am not perfect for sure. I wouldn't learn anything, if I would not listen to other people :)

I would really like your graphic designers to do overpaints and mockups. Best would be to use the suggested interface of home (because that's what my current vision looks like). Those mockups are far better than the current interface. I could sent you the .psd-files if this would be of any help.

If would what to give it a try, esp. focus on:
  • Link styles (Edit, Items, Folders, Page functions, etc.)
  • Forms
  • Layout of Lists and Trees
I am very much looking forward to your suggestions.

madlyr:Reply to I am still open...

12 years ago

OK send me mockup psd source files. Although we work in our firm on Macromedia Fireworks not on Adobe Photoshop and it will some problems in writing our changes as psd, (Fireworks works on png internally).

I put those analyses as background process in free time in work, so no promises about time, when we do something. But sometimes we have time to do something extra and as a chief I can do a little more to find that time for designers ;-).

pixtur:I sent you some files as email...

12 years ago

Don't do this in a hurry. Thinking about usability takes time... :)

madlyr:Reply to I sent you some files as email...

12 years ago

Yeah, and needs clean, open minded head... so waiting for my thoughts will be a lomg way ;-)

thx for email.