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File list tree view with folders and tasks as folders with uploaded files


Nov 10, 2006
Nov 10, 2006 / madlyr
Apr 27, 2007 / pixtur

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What about change Files list view to shows tree structure?

It could help to organize files into Folders as on local disks. Currently the flat list becomes hard to navigate when a lot of Files exists in a project.

We can add Tree as List Style (additional to List, Grouped) as in tsks list.

How to view files in Tree view?
  • We view only files
  • if File is assigned to Folder, then we view all folder structure in bold or we add folder icon to folder leaf
    • pixtur: Right now there is no folder icon. I depreciated it a long time ago, but for mixing different items in one this, this would become useful again.
  • if File is assigned to Task, then we view Task in non-bold normal style or add task icon to Task leaf
  • if File is assigned to Task with folder parent, then we use both combinations for Folder and Task
    • pixtur: I don't get this one.
  • File is last leaf in folder/task relationship

from madlyr example

[F] - means folder icon folder name in bold, 
[T] - means task item, 
[E] - means file item.

[F] folder 1
   [T] taks 1_1
      [E] file 1_1_1
      [E] file 1_1_2  
   [F] folder 1_2
   [T] task 1_3
[T] task 2
   [E] file 2_1
[F] folder 3
  [E] file 3_1
  [E] file 3_2
  [F] folder 3_3
     [E] file 3_3_1
     [F] folder 3_3_2  
        [E] file 3_3_2_1
        [T] task 3_3_2_2
        [T] task 3_3_2_3
           [E] file 3_3_2_3_1
[F] folder 4 
   [F] folder 4_1
      [E] file 4_1_1

madlyr: When we add new File it could be helpfull to add screen on which we can choose to which task or folder we can upload new file. This list should display all tasks and folders.

pixtur: Maybe setting parent of item inside edit form would be a more intuitive solution.

-> madlyr: Commented in task above.

It would be useful to add move function to files page.


krisp:Did you abandon this?

12 years ago

No milestone attached :(


12 years ago

ok... Attached a milestone :)