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is folder a task category?

Nov 10, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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During the last few days I worked on task categories. I am very very happy with the progress already made. Especially with the new tabbed version of taskEdit. But during the implementation of the "project documentation" area I encountered a difficult question:

In documentation I want do have a complete content of the doc on the right side. Of course this content can be a hierarchy. But what happens, if I am viewing a documentation page and navigating upwards? (see screenshots). Currently I get the view of the folder. With subtasks, etc. This is somehow an awkward behaviour... I have no idea how to solve thisl. Maybe there are two different views for Folders, but this seems ugly.

Any ideas on this one?



madlyr:No it isn't

12 years ago

It's just another view of folder/tasks tree. Maybe as a tooltip should be on this view message: "Folder/task hierarchy tree view of documentation" or something like this.

binder:nope. folder != task category

12 years ago (4. update 12 years ago)

The diferent tasks can be categorized with . All task can be subsumised under a folder.

so much for theory. ;) documentation for a project is different from a task. therefore I would see docs just as releases or files as a complete different view: projViewDocs

and thus they can have a completely different structure of "details" on the right side.

pixtur:Intuitive interface

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Currently I believe that the interface is a little bit confusing. Users have too many options to adjust a Task:
  • label
  • is_folder
  • has issue_report
  • short_name
Some of this options are overlapping. I think that changing the interface of taskEdit to one form, which starts with the question about the display type for the Task, would be much more intuitive:
  • It clarifies the concept that tasks types are just different views of the same thing and that this views can be adjusted anytime
  • It would remove the "is_folder" option from the form, which is a little bit too "programmer style".
  • It would make the "creation" and "edit" process more consistent:
    • new: Task | Bug | Docu | Folder
    • Edit: Display type: Task | Bug | Docu | Folder

binder:Antwort auf Intuitive interface

12 years ago

errm. Honestly, I don't have a clue, what you're talking about! ;)
Perhaps you could do a quick PS-mockup of this? *G*

pixtur:Screenshot from head revision:

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)



12 years ago

still don't get it! ;) this is already in latest rev. and I find this cool as hell! *G* If this is, what you wanted, go ahead! *G*

guest:oh... the screenshot was incomplete....

12 years ago -

Was was missing, is that in the field "Display as:" one option will be "Folder". The "is folder" checkbox will be depreciated...

binder:all right then

12 years ago

that's cool! i love it! the newly updated clean-theme gets cooler every day! *G*

madlyr:I agree - task category Folder is OK and clean becomes very nice theme too :-)

12 years ago

Tom, please remember about bugs regarding to folder check box'es and clearing folder state when you implement folder task category.

pixtur:I already fixed the folder stuff but...

12 years ago

Refactoring this is a lot more difficult, that I originally thought:
  • I had to implement a new view for Folder as Documentation to keep this area consistent.
  • I have to add new filters ListFilter_category_in to becaue the task-list now have to check, wether task is a "Task" or a "Bug"
  • I am not sure, if I really want to completely get rid of all is_folder and is_milestone. It would be a clean solution but a huge amount of work. Otherwise having two internal options would be pretty error prone...


12 years ago