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Nov 9, 2006
Nov 9, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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A stated in we are currently not able to store items outside of projects. This features are been requested very frequently and we should start think about a solution for this problem.


1. Anonymous Projectπ

Similar to defining an anonymous user, we might define an anonymous project which holds items not fitting into any other projects.

2. Open projectsπ

We could add an option to a project, that is can be seen and written by all people (even if not assigned to the project team).

Pixtur: The longer I think about this, so more is dislike such a solution. It would only clutter the interface without providing much benefit. There are a lot of pitfalls hidden in this special case (not knowing how init the list of persons that could be added to a task is only one example).

Any ideas or opinions?


madlyr:I agree, although idea is nice and sometimes it could be needed

12 years ago

This has a lot of potential security problems and probably slows down mainstream of development.

madlyr:Solution? Superperson = all existing all new persons

12 years ago

Ad. 2
If we add superperson which is a substitution to all persons existning and all persons new, then we can leave current code without many changes. Is it correct?

It gives another questions:
  • 'real' superperson - which covers all users (anonymous, clients too)
  • 'quasi' superperson - which covers all users with account which have priviledges to add anythinbg.
And idea becomes complicated again. Is it KISS idea?

binder:too complicated in coding and using

12 years ago

why should I store informatin outside of projects? I can always find some general project and store my information there.

just like , you can find a solution for every problem. We save for instance all telephone calls in streber. If a person calls, which has no project, or the person isn't in streber already, we provided a person "no person" and a project "phonecalls". So you can also add new persons phonecalls...

of course it would be nice to have a "real" CRM-functionality and I can store phonecalls directly with person, regardless of a project, but on the other hand => making a phonecall a tasks makes it easier in the workflow => I can start working right now and can book efforts on phonecall and the task right now...

madlyr:Reply to too complicated in coding and using

12 years ago

Good answer :-) This is EOT voice.

I suggest to close this discussion. I think there is no need to add this kind of functionality. We can do this kind of work with existing code.

Maybe we should add documentation as 'real use of streber tips' and place there this kind of tips and tricks :-).

pixtur:Thank you!

12 years ago

Very well spoken! Right now I see an explosion of feature requests where we should invest time in finetuning the existing workflows. Although organizing fragments might be cumbersum, it will help in the long term.

I will think some more about the project option "open for all users". But I think I will probably ignore the request, like you suggested.

Thanks for your opinion. This helps to make an discission on such stuff.

madlyr:Reply to Thank you!

12 years ago

U welcome :-)!

Yes I see much more ideas/requests. It's a sign, that more people use streber :-).

Personally I would like to add much more ideas, but I'm afraid it will slow down regular process of "mainstream" development, and you Tom will more and more time spent on talking about future, than doing that future ;-) :-).

pixtur:Reply to Reply to Thank you!

12 years ago

Hi Madlyr,

I am already spending too much time on this. I am a little bit affraid on how long I can spent so much time on reading anything. I see that some developers are slowed down, because they are waiting for my feedback, which is bad.

Maybe we could add an additional flag "suggested reading" to the person item table. So other developers can point my attention to urgent stuff. Sooner or later I will have to start to skip certain things (I am already almost never read the forum at www.streber-pm.org). Thanks god Timo is doing a lot of support there...