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2006-10-27 released v0.0704 as stable

Oct 27, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Finally it is done! After two release candidates and four months of development we finally release v0.0704 as the first stable versions since v0.062. When I look back at the last few months streber got a tremendous boost on features and support:
  • We have some very active new team members
  • Streber was translated to Norvegian, Swedish, Slovak, Polish. And Itallic comming soon.

Main features since v0.062:π

  • Completely refined search resultes
  • Completely refined Comment list
  • Editing of multiple tasks
  • Quick edit form at bottom of tasks
  • "Note on Person" function with creates Tasks, Projects and Efforts on the fly
  • Category for Companies and People
  • Release Versions
  • new Wiki syntax
  • Advanced date and timing options
  • Assgining new People directly to a project
  • improved wiki syntax (linking to items, precise numbering of lists, horizontal line)
  • Syntax highlighting of Wiki Codeblocks with Starlight
  • Basic support of clean with my mod_rewrite (beta)
  • Anonymous browsing (beta)
  • We refactored most of the java script code to jquery.

Thank you for using and supporting streber.

yours sincerly


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madlyr:hmmm is 0.0703 the same as 0.0704?

12 years ago

I'm a little bit confused about version numbering.
What are the differences between 0.0703 and 0.0704?
Last svn build 169 has 0.0703 version...

pixtur:it's the same release...

12 years ago

Sorry. I made a mistake while uploading it to sourceforge and couldn't upload another file with the same filename. So I increased the version. Sorry.