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Oct 27, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 25, 2010 / julio.coelho

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Do not comment. Report bugs!π

Create Bugs instead of Comments. Use the "New Bug" function at the project page of streber. Only add comments to existing Tasks or Bug-reports, if you are really sure that it is precisely about your problem. Please do NOT post your reports as comments to topics.

Describe your problemπ

What did you do?π

  • Be as precise as possible.
  • Can you reproduce the problem? Perfect! Describe all necessary clicks.
  • Does it occure directly after installation or upgrade?

Provide informationπ

  1. Add the end of _tmp/errors.log.php
  2. Provide version of...
    • Streber
    • Your Browser / Operating system
    • MySQL
    • PHP
    • Apache
  3. Upload screenshots if possible (very, very useful)
  4. Keep all texts in plain English
  5. Before submitting something do a Search for similar problems
  6. Use terminology as described in

I know, that this looks like a lot of work, but you should consider: Fixing an average bug might take us about 10 to 60 minutes. Most of this time is used to understand what the bug is about and to reproduce it! A screenshot might only show obvious things to you, but it extremely helps us to understand what you are talking about.

Upload additional filesπ

Following files might help use to track down internal problems.
  • system_info.html - Click the link in the footer and save the page has html.
  • phpInfo.html - Click the phpInfo link in the System Info page and save as html.
  • php.ini - your php setup file (important)
  • my.ini - your mysql setup file (might be important on database issues)

Link to similar bugsπ

If you already did a search on streber and you feel that other bugs might be related to your problem, please link to them. Even if you are not sure. We will check them.

Different Versionsπ

It can be very informative, if...
  • ...the bug did not occur in earlier versions of streber.
  • ...things work with different versions of PHP, Apache, MySQL (like XAMPP)

Advanced checks...π

If you can not live without a fix, you can speed things up by doing additional checks.

Check you appache errors.logπ

If your php.ini defines...

 display_errors = Off
 display_startup_errors = Off
 log_errors = On

You might not see all things going wrong and Streber might end up with a blank page instead for giving useful hints. Look at your Apache logs for more clues.

Enable Debug logπ

Uncomment the following line in your


This will write additional information to errors.log.php.

Test cookiesπ

  • If you feel that you have problems with authentification, please check the cookies created by streber.
  • Try to remove all cookies and try again.

Check your databaseπ

  • If you have installed PHPMySQLAdmin try a repair tables.

Provide Login Access (last solution)π

Some servers are weird and bugs might be hard to track or even impossible to reproduce on our own setups. If you aren't affraid of us you can give pixtur a account to your streber installation together with an FTP access. Drop an email...

Once again:

Please, do not post your problem as Commentπ

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