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Public / Oct 12, 2006
Oct 12, 2006 / pixtur
Oct 18, 2006 / pixtur

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This is a pre release of v0.07 to check installation and upgrade.


  • fixed dates are changing in a mysterious way
  • changed interactions with lists (refactored jquery functions)
  • updated translations
  • added new wiki-syntax to link to item ids ()


  • version v0.07rc1
  • fixed deletion of task description
  • fixed wiki line syntax (_____)
  • fixed wiki links to persons like item:##
  • fixed wiki rendering of empty code blocks
  • fixed style sheets for printing
  • fixed layout problems with too long nick names in projView team list
  • list milestones does no longer show completion bar if there are not tasks for milestone
  • display of files / file lists
  • adjusted display of versions
  • resolved tasks for next version are set to new version
  • more reasonable debug output in log-file


  • fixed ITEM_TYPES of new created persons
  • fixed DbProjectItem::getVisibleById() for non project items
  • DEV_AJAX is been made the default (removed)

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